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Ballerina Shoe

The ballerina shoe was invented in the 1950ies in Italy. It is a classic woman’s shoe which is closed from all sides and has a flat sole. This elegant shoe was originally designed for tall ladies who did not want to appear even taller by high heels. The ballerina shoe is similar to the graceful ballet shoes and thus acquired its name.

Balmoral Boot

The Balmoral Boot is a boot that reaches over the ankles. This shoe was designed in the 1850ies for Queen Victoria’s husband in England. Its main feature is the closed lacing. The lady’s version of the Balmoral Boot have a slightly higher heel and have a rounder shape. The name Balmoral derives from the Scottish summer residence of the British Royal Family, Balmoral Castle.


A blade is the front part of the bootleg. The front part of a shoe tree is also called front blade.

Blade lining

The inner lining of the front part of the bootleg is called blade lining by shoe experts.


A classic, simple, rustic man’s footwear with open lacing. It is supposed to be the ideal leisure shoe and its name goes back to the Prussian field marshal Fürst Blücher von Wahlstatt who had it manufactured for his soldiers.


The bootjack is a sort of tool that facilitates taking off boots. The boot is inserted into the angular board with the U-shaped incision by the heel. The other foot holds the bootjack in place. Thus the boot can be taken off more easily due to the counter pressure of the bootjack.


Bootlaces have only come in use since the end of the 18th Century. Before that, shoes were closed by means of buckles or not at all. The lacing and tying of the bootlaces allows a close fitting of the shoe to the foot and keeps the wearer from losing the shoes. Bootlaces are available in different varieties, they may differ in colour, thickness and length. Cheap shoes often have low-quality bootlaces which consequently fray easily or even tear.


The top part above the sole is called bootleg. The bootleg itself is divided in different parts which are joined together in the sewing room.


In former times, boots were the working shoes for lumberjacks. Today, boots are preferred for hiking because they provide comfort and good footing. Boots reach approx. 5 – 10 cm over the ankle and mostly have a double sole as protection against ground cold.


Bootshapers smooth out the bootleg and avoid ugly crincles. It allows the shoe to dry from within. The Sensomatic mechanism by nico provides especially good fit and even tension and is easily applied. Nico also has suitable solutions for halfboots and wide-legged boots.


Boxcalf is fine chrome-tanned calfskin.

Brush leather

Nappa and brush leather are worked on the outer side of the leather skin. Nappa leather is very soft sole leather that need continuous treatment with special care products.

Budapest-style shoes

A gentleman’s shoe model manufactured in Budapest. Budapest-style shoes are worked on broad and straight lasts with a Derby bootleg shape and fullbrogue holepattern with a double sole.