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For boots or half-boots we have nico bootshapers with sensomaticTM mechanism. This connection method is manufactured from high-quality plastics and adjusts ideally to each bootleg shape. It gives suspense where applicable so the bootleg can relax to its original shape when the boot shaper is removed. Your advantage: It looks great and affords hanging storage of your boots. Ask in your shoe shop for boot shapers by nico.


Shapers by nico are suitable to groom the shoe toe for open shoes or shoes without heel. Flexible material, like suede, can also be shaped gently from within. Nico shapers have the convenient ErgoGripTM and gets shoe toes back into shape overnight.

Shoe parts

A shoe consists of many different parts, e.g. heelcap, upper and sole. When buying shoes always see to it that the shoe parts are of high quality and are perfectly joined together. This is a common problem with cheap shoes: After some time they simply fall apart.

Shoe tree

A shoe tree is the most important accessory for shoe care. Only the regular use of a shoe tree directly after wearing ensures longevity of shoes. A shoe tree always gets the shoes back into their original shape and avoids deep kick pleats. The most suitable shoe trees are those of the exact shape of the shoe last.


Slingbacks are high-heeled shoes in pumps style with little straps around the heel.

Sole leather

Sole leather is processed on the outside of the hide. It can look smooth, shagreened, structured, shiny or matted.


Soling is the action attaching a walking sole to the frame of a shoe by means of sewing or gluing. It is also used to describe the replacement of a sole.

Square shape

A square shape is an angular shape of the shoe toe. Shoe trees and shapers fit optimal onto such shoes.

Steel brush

Suede and velours leather can be roughened up with a steel brush. Thus it is easier to waterproof them.


Suede was originally only rough leathers made of game skins (e.g. doe, stag etc.). Today, other rough leathers like Velours or Nubuck are erroneously called suede.


Synthetically produced upper materials like sole or reptile leather or elastic materials.