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Foot perimeter

The foot perimeter is a measure across the ball of the foot.

Foot types

Foot types describe a classification into different shapes of a healthy foot. For instance, there are Anglo-Saxon, Baltic, Germanic or Roman foot types.


Flipflops are minimally equipped sandals that can be worn by ladies and gentlemen.

The fashionable toe splitters are mainly made from plastics and available in all colours. In former times they were only worn at the beach whereas today they are worn in all situations of life. The name probably derives from the sound the shoes make while walking.

Foot length

Foot length is the measure of the distance between the toes and heel of a foot.


Correct fit is the most important criterion for shoes and is primarily decided by the last used. Judgement of the correct fit is solely a matter of the customer. Correct fit provides a good footing within the shoe whereas a bad fit may lead to stumbling or twisting accidents or even orthopaedic damage to the foot.

Fat leather

A term derived from tanning. Fat leather and fat nubuk are leathers worked on the outside with a high percentage of fat and wax.

Fashion leather

Imaginatively designed fashion leather, e.g. with a coat of laquer, plush fibres, foiles, metallic pigments or material mixtures.