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nico ABC


Custum-made shoes

Good custom-made shoes are hand-made and – unlike off-the-rack shoes – individually fitted to the customer’s feet.

Calf measure

If you want to buy long boots, you need to know your calf measure.

Cedar wood

For the manufacturing of shoe trees nico only uses cedar wood which is cut in America as thinning material. It is ecologically unobjectionable, untreated and aromatic. Shoe lasts made of cedar wood always fit the right way, absorb moisture and increase wearing comfort. Ask in your shoeshop for lasts made of cedar wood for all sizes.


This valuable leather from the backside of a horse is only used for very precious shoes. Yield is very low since one horse only provides 2 DIN-A-3 pieces of Cordovan. The leather is extremely robust with a high fat percentage, therefore it is water repellent. It fits to the footshape extremely well.


This is the central or back part of an animal skin. It is the toughest and thus most valuable part of a cowhide. It is water and temperature resistant and easily processed. It is often used for walking sole or heel patches.

Chrome tanning

Chrome tanning is a mineral tanning technique. The animal skin is turned into leather by means of chrome salts. Chrome tanning is easier, faster and cheaper compared to herbal tanning methods. Moreover, chrome tanned leathers achieve a better appearance. Tear strength of chrome tanned leather is approx. double than herbal tanned leather. The introduction of chrome tanning enabled the treatment of split leather so that it is suitable for shoe leather.


Chucks is the short term of a cultic shoe of the American company Converse. This basketball shoe made of linen is very popular and has already been sold 600 Million times. The name Chucks derives from the formerly famous basketball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor. A rubber token of Taylor’s signature can be found on the Chucks.


CEN is a European standard for safety shoes and was introduced by the European Standards Committee. The term CEN derives from the French name of the committee: Comite Europeen de Normalisation.