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Personalization by means of a laser engraving offers a high-quality alternative to imprinting or printable badges. Unlike imprinting, laser engraving can produce your label or logo directly onto all wooden products. With this method, your script nameplate is burned relief-like into the wood by means of a laser. Since laser engravings are the most flexible way of personalizing due to its technique it is worthwhile even for small numbers. We are delighted to offer you a personalization on single articles e.g. as a high-quality personal gift.

Latteral upper leather

The latteral upper leather is the front part of a bootleg and consists of one or more parts. A shoe tree also has a front part that suspends the front part of the bootleg.


A general term for animal hides and pelts that have been preserved through tanning.

Tanning turns leather into a multifunctional nature product featuring flexibility, durability, plasticity and stretchability. Moreover, leather is cuddly, breathable and sturdy.

Lining leather

The lining of shoes is divided into blade lining, quarter lining and flap lining. Lining leather must have a good absorptive capacity, be resistant against abrasion and hiperhydrosis of the feet. Blade lining is compulsory according to EN 344 whereas quarter lining is not necessary.

Long boot

Long boots are safety shoes with extremely high bootlegs (bootleg length >20 cm). Typical long boots are used in winter/cold. Long boots give extra protection for the calf of the wearer.