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Dancing shoes

Dancing shoes are shoe models especially suitable for dancing. There are dancing shoes for standard dances, for tap-dancing, ballet and so-called dance-sneakers for training or discoteques. Soles of dancing shoes are mostly made of leather because it is suitably skidproof as well as slick. Thus dancing is especially easy.


A classic gentleman’s shoe with open lacing and fashioned in Derby style. Unlike the Balmoral, the back part of the bootleg (quarter) is sewed onto the front part of the bootleg (blade). The cutting edge of the quarter parts is visible.


This is the tool of a shoemaker – similar to a sharp hovel – which is used to remove tiny pieces of leather as well as smoothing out and adjusting sole and heel edge.

Dust flap

A dust flap avoids the intrusion of dust and debris into the shoe. It is closed at the side and attached to the bootleg in the closing area.

English shoe measure

The English shoe measure is based on inches. Shoe sizes are stated by the figures 0 to 14. One size equals 1/3 inch (= 8,46 mm). Labelling e.g. 7 / 7,5 / 8 etc.